Guided Trips


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North Pole Last Degree

Ski the last degree to the North Pole
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North Pole Exped

Ski two degrees to the North Pole
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North Pole Deluxe Flight

Fly to the top of the world
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North Pole Custom

Your dream, my expertise.
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Svalbard Training

Learning the art of polar travel
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North Pole Expedition

All-in-one expedition and training
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Greenland Ski Odyssey

A taste of everything polar

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South Pole Ski Last Degree

Ski the last degree to the South Pole
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South Pole Emperors

Two Antarctic icons in one trip
Img 1172

South Pole Flight

Fly to the bottom of the world
Img 1158

South Pole Overnight

Camp at the South Pole
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South Pole Custom

Your dream, my expertise

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Australian Alps Novice

Learn winter skills
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Australian Alps Advanced

Trek across the roof of Australia
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