Polar Equipment Designer

I've been designing, testing and manufacturing extreme-cold ski expedition products for over 20 years.

Like many of the polar enthusiasts who use my products, I place absolute trust in the ability of my designs to do what's required of them. Whether I'm guiding a short trip or on a long demanding expedition, I don't want the anxiety of worrying about gear failure or poor performance so I base my design work on a simple credo: Design and build it to perform dependably in the harshest conditions on the planet.

Flexi Polar Ski Bindings

I designed Flexi bindings to give myself, and other polar adventurers, an assurance that a boot-binding system would fulfil three criteria - dependability, ease of use and comfort.

In 2002 my Flexi prototype went all the way from the Siberian coast to the North Pole and I was determined to make them available to others. Flexi's are now available in three models - Vintro, Sinch and Plateau - and a combat model, Actic, is being used by the US military.

I have personally skied more than 10,000km on Flexi bindings.

Rugged. Functional. Dependable.

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Flexi Multi-Shim

Multi-Shim is an innovative take on a proven ski accessory.

Made from 6mm high-density polyethylene, the Multi-Shim is mounted between the ski and binding, elevating the skier above the snow surface and assisting in edging. To counter ankle-rolling (pronation and supination), a common and debilitating ailment amongst skiers, Multi-Shim's array of holes allows the user to offset the Flexi binding.

No other ski binding offers this critical component.

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My premise here was not to invent the lightest sled in the world, but to design one whose glide, tracking and simplicty would make it feel as if it were.

With indispensable features such as low-profile runners, amphibiousness, removable cover and bulkhead and all replaceable fittings, the Icetrek sled is at the forefront of sled design and functionality. I've used this sled on demanding North and South Pole ski expeditions since 2013 and was used by Børge Ousland and Mike Horn on their 2020 ski crossing of the Arctic Ocean.

Available in two models.

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Sled Harnesses

Tailor-made from premium materials, my harnesses merge striking design and brutish strength to give the very best in form and function.

The first prototype was used during my Ross Island to South Pole expedition in 1998-99 but I'd been playing with designs as early as 1992. Three models are available - Atlas, which features a deployable sit harness for kiting and rescue applications; Spartan, a stripped-back version for icecaps; Omni, a one-size-fits-all harness for...anwyhere.

Super comfortable, super strong.

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Download Strain Reducer

There's no avoiding it - sled hauling gives my back a hammering.

Well, now I can avoid it. Download is an inline strain reducer that takes the shock out of lurching into your harness to get your sled moving, or just up and over an obstacle. Connect it between your harness and sled traces and feel the immediate stress release on you and your gear.

My back couldn't be happier!

Guru Face Mask

I've battled numerous blizzards on my North and South Pole expeditions.

But nowhere do you learn more about protection from the elements than on there Antarctic plateau. Any breach in your headwear, no matter how small, is exploited by the wind so I devised a mask that mashes perfectly with headwear and eyewear. I also found that with other masks the ice build up from breathing makes them heavy and they sag, exposing the face. My Guru mask features ear cut-outs to keep it in place.

Face the elements like never before

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Hats and Mitts

My extremity-wear is purpose designed to protect your dome and digits.

I've spent a lot of time battling blizzards and extreme cold on my expeditions. Most of the extremity wear I used was either ineffective, ill-fitting or untested so, together with Satila of Sweden, I added my own features to their existing premium products.

I doubt that any mitt or hat has seen as much ice time as these.

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Polar Swag and Rekliner

A swag is an iconic piece of kit used by Aussie bushmen, a sleeve housing a mattress, sleeping bag and sleeper. Polar Swag takes it one step further with a built-in seat that rounds off your tent time with a dose of luxury. The Polar Swag is typically
carried on top of the sled.

The Rekliner is a stripped down version - just a sleeve and chair.

Available in Regular and Large to suit your favourite mattresses from Therm-a-Rest, Sea to Summit and Exped.

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